Astrid De Haes (Belgium, 1996) is living and working in Antwerp. De Haes started dancing at the age of 6 and has had a big interest in moving and the body ever since.

Captivated by dance and eager for experiment, De Haes took a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Visual Arts, Autonomous Design, at the School of Arts in Ghent. To become proficient in choreography, she enjoyed an internship at the School for New Dance Development at the Amsterdam School of the Arts in 2017. In her bachelor's degree she made connections between different mediums and the body, which can be seen in ‘Hommes’ (video), ‘Dansbingo’ (performative play between audience and performers), Volume I (installation), etc.

In her masters she developed as a director and choreographer with the preliminary research for the dance performance ‘Untitled’. Interested in bringing people together in a project, there is always a focus on the moving body as a creative medium.

Astrid lives in Van Bree, a creative hub in Antwerp that regularly hosts Van Bree sessions on Sundays throughout the year. Artists who have already performed in 2022 include Brenda, Bontridders, Hoffman, Viva Los Djs, Dylan Cox, Noonzy, Orlan, Floridada,...

In addition to her own practice, Astrid is also active as a business and production manager for other companies and creators.

De Haes is active as a director, choreographer, cultural and business manager. Bringing people together and collaborating with a group is a must in Astrid’s work.